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WakeUpAndAct is a nonprofit organization created by teens, for teens.  At WUAA we want to engage high school students who are beginning to think about the world we live in.  Our goal is to help teens get aware, get educated, and get involved.  Teens are full of passion about social justice issues, but often are not sure how they can make a difference.  As passionate activists, we are determined to combat the injustices that exist towards women today and educate teens to the greatest issues facing our generation.  Right Now, women's rights are on the chopping block, and we need to add our powerful voices to this issue before decisions are made for us.  Join us to make a difference.

Thank you to the San Diego Union Tribune for publishing an op-ed from Saige Glazier about social media's impact on teen girls. 


Thank you to the San Diego Union Tribune for publishing an op-ed from Chase Glazier about the constant fear of school shootings affecting teens mental health. 

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Kate Beckinsale, Judy Greer and Andrea Savage "spread" the message that the one thing women really want in their vagina is the government.


 Far Right Women - Harming Women's Rights.

Find Your Voice

Our mission is to educate high school students to enact change for our future.  We believe that working together with  a united voice on the issues that effect our generation, can have positive change for teens everywhere.   We need to be educated, engaged, and speak out about injustice to create a better world for us to thrive as equals.  Join our community of activists and allies as we work towards a better and more just world. is tackling issues that affect teens today.  We need to educate and engage to help each other through these challenging times.  Check out our current projects and let us know what you care about...

Mental Health

Human Trafficking

Dangers of Fentanyl

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