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My name is Saige Glazier

President and Founder of

At an early age, I realized that I am a justice seeker.  I am unable to sit on the sideline and allow injustice or inequality to go unanswered.  I have watched the political landscape change over the past 6 years and how division has  emerged as the predominate sentiment of the day.  I believe that my generation has to speak up if we want to have choices for our future.  The world is changing fast and laws are being made for us- without us.   Women's rights and our right to choose is under fire and this effects all of our lives.  Please join us and take action so we can create a future that reflects the change we want to see.  


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My name is Chase Glazier

Vice President and Co-Founder of

I am inspired by social movements of the past and realize that we need a unified voice if we want to make a change.  We created  to help  highlight the problems that affect our age group and give our community a place to learn  and provide ways to connect, stay safe, feel empowered, and make a change.  After working with a team of entrepreneurial students at UCSD, I became passionate about creating a safe space for teens struggling with  mental health issues that emerged during the pandemic.  This is one of the largest problems facing our generation today.  Teens need a safe place to connect and find resources to heal.  Join us , get involved, and find your voice.

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Our Story

As members of  generation Z, we have grown up surrounded by political debates and issues affecting our generation. We have watched our communities, our country, and even the world struggle with issues such as abortion rights, post pandemic teen mental health, climate change, gun violence, human trafficking, and the dangers of fentanyl. These are some of the most pressing issues that are having a detrimental effect on our generation. As young adults, we are determined to not only be aware of these issues but to use our voice to make a difference.

We believe that our generation has the power and potential to be a significant force for change. We have the creativity, enthusiasm, and energy to bring attention to the issues that we care about in our communities and around the world. We are also the perfect demographic to get the word out about these issues since we are the most connected generation. We are proficient and know how to use social media and other forms of technology to spread awareness about the issues that affect us and inspire us to take action.

Our goal is to empower generation Z to become more informed and engaged with the issues that affect all of our lives. We want to lead by example and create a network of young people who are ready to take a stand and make a difference. We have already started on this path by creating to increase awareness of the issues our generation faces. We are also partnering with other  local and national organizations to make sure our voices are heard.

Through, we plan to create events and activities to encourage our peers to become more involved in the issues that affect us. We want to provide young people with the resources and support to learn more about topics and how they can take action. We also want to build a strong network of teens who are ready to make a difference and open to constructive conversations about the issues that impact us.

By empowering gen Z’s, we hope to create a brighter future for all of us.  It is our goal to make a positive impact on the world, one step at a time.

Join Us

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