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Mental Health Crisis


We have all heard that the teenage years are often known as a stormy time of development, as we move through a stage of life characterized by mood swings, anxiety, self-doubt, and the need to find our place in the world. However, normal mental health issues have been pushed to a breaking point in the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic leaving a mental health crisis in its wake.

Across the world, teenagers who typically attended in-person classes, made friends at school, and enjoyed the freedom and socialization of extracurricular activities suddenly found themselves completely isolated from their peers. After months of quarantine and social-distancing, the days of going to school, doing group assignments, and participating in sports was replaced by Zoom classes, online messaging, and home workouts. This rapid switch to remote learning was deeply unsettling for many of us, with friends and family facing anxiety and depression due to  isolation and abrupt adjustments in their lives.  As high schooler's, we’ve seen friends go from leading active social lives to spending hours alone in their bedrooms, unable to interact with their peers in real life. A friend from my school, who was usually involved with sports and social clubs, suddenly was without any outlets to express themselves - a change that led to a severe depressive episode. This is incredibly common as so many of us felt desperate and disconnected from the world due to the lack of regular social and academic lives .  So much was lost.  Now we are back living our lives in the world and picking up the pieces that have been broken during the pandemic.  But, often we still feel different and lost inside not knowing where to put those feelings that we have been living with for so long.  This website was create to help connect, and interact with our peers that have struggled as you may have.  The WakeUpAndAct community is here to help you heal.  Join us on Instagram, share your story and  your experiences and let our community support you.  



If you are experiencing more sever symptoms or thoughts of hurting yourself or ending your life click on the link below to get help.

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