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Unmasking the Hidden Agenda: Men, White Supremacy, and the Attack on Abortion Rights

We’ve all heard about the anti-abortion movement being tied to right-wing Christians and their influence in the Republican Party. But there's a whole other side to this issue that's not getting enough attention. After reading this article about the study published in Salon magazine, I began thinking about who is working hard to control women’s reproductive freedoms. In this blog, I’d like to focus on how white supremacy and male supremacy are playing a role in the push to ban abortions in America. I think it’s time to shine a light on why some men want to control women and how right-wing and white supremacists are involved in supporting these anti-abortion measures.

The Control Game: Why Do Men Want to Control Women? It's messed up, but there are people who feel threatened by women having control over their own bodies. Unfortunately, some men want to keep women in their “place” and maintain their dominance. They believe in traditional gender roles and see women's rights, including the right to have an abortion, as a threat to their power. It's like they're stuck in the past, and they're trying to use anti-abortion laws to keep women in antiquated gender roles.
You'd think we'd be past this by now, right? But clearly, we are not. It’s strange to believe that in 2023, some men aren’t alright with the idea of women making choices for themselves. I have to believe that it’s either power or insecurity or possibly a bit of both. Do these men think that allowing women freedom and equality will make men unnecessary? If so, they don’t seem to understand their worth or what makes us tick….

I recently re-watched the movie about Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s life called “On the Basis of Sex”. It was an amazing movie and reaffirmed my love for all Ruth Ginsberg did to create a more equitable life in America for women. She talked about how the culture had changed and that the laws need to change to match the culture. It is shocking how in 1970 she was able to convince the appellate court, made up of all men, to rewrite the laws to fit the times and today women’s rights are being reversed. By controlling women's reproductive rights, men think they can maintain their superiority and keep women from challenging their authority. It's very upsetting, but sadly true. What would Ruth do today?
But coming back to the study and looking at Right-Wing, White Supremacists and Anti-Abortion Support: There's evidence showing that numerous anti-abortion supporters are also associated with right-wing white supremacy. They're involved in preserving white identity and power, and they see restricting reproductive freedom as a way to maintain their dominance. These men are using the anti-abortion movement, and those passionate about it, to push their agendas.

We have to see through the fog and recognize that the anti-abortion movement isn't just about religion or personal beliefs. It's wrapped up in a dangerous mix of white supremacy and male supremacy. We need to open our eyes and challenge these underlying power dynamics. It's time to fight again for reproductive rights, dismantle systemic inequalities, and create a society where gender equality thrives.

We can't let others control our bodies or dictate our futures. It's up to us, the young generation, to speak up, educate ourselves, and advocate for change. Let's build a world where everyone has the freedom to make their own choices without fear. It's time to take a stand and make our voices heard.
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